The ECPV-School of Cinema of the Basque Country collaborates with different companies, institutions, festivals and production companies. One of these collaborators is the most excellent Bilbao City Council, with which the school maintains a close relationship. An example of this good relationship has been the assignment by the Bilbao City Council of the premises where the school is currently located.

In addition, the school works directly with the Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission and the producer associations of the Basque Country, developing and continually renewing the training.

On the other hand, together with the international company Peris Costumes, the school created a scholarship to strengthen the insertion of costume design master's students in the industry. In turn, the school also signed a contract with the FILMIN platform to provide scholarships for students, thus carrying out internships on one of the fastest growing platforms.

Besides, the school actively collaborates in different ways with festivals such as Zinebi, Caostica, Fant, Humor en corto or Zinegoak.

We work with

ECPV students work with film material to come into contact with brands and products that will be found in working life.