The ECPV teaching staff is made up of active professionals who combine filming with teaching. This allows them to be constantly updated and learn about the latest developments in the film industry.

Ainara lopez

Ainara López

Film editing tutor

He has worked under the orders of Nacho Vigalondo, Julio Medem, Gracia Querejeta

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication, she has passed through the classrooms of the ECAM where she studied Editing or the EICTV where she specialized in Documentary Filmmaking.

He has recently participated in a directing course at the LFA in LONDON where he was also given the opportunity to direct his own short film.

He has worked under the orders of Nacho Vigalondo, Julio Medem, Gracia Querejeta or Luis Marías, among others. I have developed an extensive career in TV (El choro de la Cárcel, El rival mas debil...) She has also collaborated as an editing tutor in both documentary and fiction film courses, work that has allowed her to work, among others, with the Oscar-winner Milos Forman or Gracia Querejeta.

She is currently preparing her short film titled OCTOBER produced by NAIFFILMS and the ECPV and participates as a speaker in the second year of COOFILM, a film residency for women.

Ainhoa Ordoñez

Ainhoa Ordoñez

Non-fiction film teacher

He is developing his first feature film

He studies film direction at the ECPV. Then photography direction at the Madrid Film Institute, where she later worked as spaces and material coordinator.

Finally, he specialized in documentary film at the Cuban International Film School, EICTV.

He has several non-fiction shorts with a run in Latin America and is currently developing his first fiction feature with the support of the Álava council.

Professor of:
Film Direction
Aitor Arenas

Aitor Arenas

Production teacher

Founder of the distributor Banatu Filmak

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the UPV/EHU.

He began his career as a television director. Declared a "short militant", his passion for this format led him to create the Humor en Corto festival in 2000 together with other colleagues. In 2010 he founded the distributor BANATU FILMAK with his former partner Sonia Pacios, of which he is currently responsible. . To date they have produced 10 short films and have distributed more than 250 films internationally.

In recent years he has worked in programming and consulting tasks at festivals such as CSFF (Shenzhen, China) or Abycine, in Albacete. A regular at Festivals and Markets endorsed by the FIAPF, he has been a jury member at festivals such as ZINEBI (Bilbao) and Bogoshorts (Colombia) and has given talks on distribution at places such as the FICCI - Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (Colombia) and the CUC, Communication University of China, in Beijing. He is a member of the SFC (Short Film Conference), EPE/APV (Basque Producers Association) and vice president of the AIC (Short Film Industry Association).

He recently made his debut at the UPV/EHU as a professor, while preparing his doctoral thesis.


Alaia Arnaiz Del Escobal

Film costume design teacher

Fundadora de la marca Arde

He studied fashion design at the INEDI Design School in Bilbao, during those four years he also created his first fashion collections, which he sold or used for different projects such as video clips, fashion shows, photo shoots...

With a scholarship from the Bilbao Arte Foundation, she combined her studies and created exhibitions while developing her artistic projects based on performance and video art, mixing them with fashion. This prompted her to unite the two worlds to achieve cohesion between them.

Later, and still during his studies, he began to participate in short films and video clips, styling and dressing them, and since then he has not stopped linking different audiovisual projects, holding different positions from assistant to costume designer.
Some of the film works in which he has participated are "Akelarre" (winner of the Goya for best costume design), "El Comensal", "Intimidad" (Netflix), "Boundless" (Prime) or "Ane".

He has also made the outfits of different music groups in their video clips (Zetak, La oreja de Van Gongh, Kai Nakai, Dupla, Cobra) and participated in different shorts (Polvo somos, Betiko gaua, Amargo era el postres o No es coma). and documentaries like "A history of Baskonia". Her latest project has been the movie "Deviant", in which she has been the costume designer in charge of costume design.

At the same time, she works on her fashion brand Arde, in which she designs, makes and sells her ready-to-wear clothes and also makes custom designs on request and organizes fashion shows showing her collections.

alba lozano

Alba Lozano

Script teacher

His short film “Non Grata” (2022) wins the Best Short Film Award at the Alicante Festival (Goya Qualifier)

He studies film direction at the ECPV and the ESCAC.

His short film “Non Grata” (2022) wins the Best Short Film Award at the Alicante Festival (Goyas Qualifier) ​​among others and has more than 50 selections. In 2023 he writes and directs his project “Utländsk”, selected in the Udalbiltza Program. He has directed several Spots for the Basque Government and video clips for bands such as Etxekalte and Habi.

Throughout these years he has combined directing with his work as a scriptwriter in more than 30 short films. The series and films include “Asombrosa Elisa”, “El Internado Las Cumbres”, “Itxaso”, “Angela”, “Machos Alfa”, “No f*cking idea about music” and “Victor the Scarecrow”.

Ander Barinaga-Rementeria

Ander Barinaga-Rementeria

Profesor de derecho cinematográfico

Nominated for the Goya Awards for "Suro"

Graduated in Communication from the UPV/EHU with a specialization in Multimedia Production and Realization and a Master's Degree in Film Industry Management from UC3M.

After her time at the ICAA, she joined the production company Bowfinger International Pictures [Amiguetes Enterprises] where she has worked as executive production assistant on more than a dozen national feature films and international co-productions.

Specialized in the structuring of audiovisual productions, in 2018 he founded Galapan together with Iñigo Zubero. He currently works as an executive producer for the company Irusoin.

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ane berriotxoa

Ane Berriotxoa

Profesora de dirección de fotografía

Su cortometraje "Bat" fue seleccionado en el too cool for school de Cannes

A photographer by profession, she completed a Diploma in Photography Direction at ECPV/EHZE.

In 2021 he writes and directs his first short film, “Bat”, participating in the Zinebi festival and in the Too Cool for School section of the Short Film Corner at the Cannes festival and in 2022 he writes, directs and produces his second short film, “ Nire Amaren Etxea”.

On the other hand, he has directed several music videos for groups and solos, such as; “Eraman nazazu” by Olatz Salvador, “Behe Klasekoa” and “Denak Begira Daudelaik” by Olaia Inziarte, or “Eramaten” and “Hortzak” by the Basque rock group Liher.

Aranzazu Calleja

Aranzazu Calleja

Soundtrack teacher

Goya Award for Best Soundtrack

Graduated in fine arts from the University of the Basque Country and professor of violin at the JC Arriaga Conservatory in Bilbao. He furthered his studies at the Taller de Musics in Barcelona and at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

He began to put music to the first short films by Borja Cobeaga, with whom he has collaborated on his four feature films: Pagafantas, No controles, Negociador and Fe de Etarras.

His works include films such as Psychonauts. Los niños olvidados by Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero (Goya 2017 for best animated film), El hoyo by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and Akelarre by Pablo Agüero, for which he received the Goya for best soundtrack 2020 together with Maite Arroitajauregi .

He is currently working on the music for Érase una vez Euskadi, Manu Gómez's first film.

Arnau Mata

Arnau Mata

Professor of Cinematography

Director of photography for brands such as Oysho, Desigual, El Corte Inglés and Michael Kors

Arnau was born in Barcelona and currently lives between Barcelona and Bilbao. He studied cinematography at ESCAC, a film and audiovisual school in Catalonia, specializing in cinematography. Since he was a child he has been in love with photography. He likes to notice how the light affects life, the colors, the intensity, the chiaroscuros, and thus frame with the camera and be able to tell stories through his gaze. These are some of the things that excite him about the world of photography and specifically cinema. Telling stories from the camera's point of view has always fascinated him and that is why he dedicates himself to this great world of audiovisuals. He is a person open to all kinds of challenges, always giving the best of himself. He is passionate about photography and the audiovisual world.

Artur Pol Camprubi

Artur-Pol Camprubí

Cinematography teacher

"Hafreiat" and "Tolyatti Adrift", documentaries in which he is the photographer, have won awards and mentions at different festivals

Artur-Pol Camprubí (Girona, 1991) graduated from ESCAC in 2015 and specialized in cinematography, work he carried out in the feature films “Hafreiat” by Alex Sardà (Sheffield DocFest 2022, best film Doc España Seminci 2022, Special Mention at Miradasdoc 2023) and “Tolyatti Adrift” by Laura Sisteró (Visions du Reel 2022, HotDocs 2022, Cinespaña Best Documentary Award 2022, Silver Horn Award at Krakow International Film Festival 2022, Best National Documentary at DocsValència 2022, double nomination at the Gaudí Awards 2023), where he obtained a nomination for the Golden Frog in the 30th edition of Cameraimage, one of the highest international recognitions in cinematography.

He has collaborated on several short films with filmmakers such as Marieke Elzermann, Naomi Pacifique, Lur Olaizola, Gala Hernández, Alex Reynolds, Maria Inês Gonçalves, or Eneko Sagardoy, selected at various international festivals such as Rotterdam, Locarno, or Cinema du Reel, among others. He is also the director of photography of the feature films "The Human Hibernation" by Anna Cornudella and "Oasis" by Irene Baqué, both in post-production phase.

In 2021 he studied a postgraduate course in creation at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, where he developed and materialized his first short film as a director: "Podul de Piatrâ/Pont de Pedra", a work awarded with a special mention at the 69th edition of the San Sebastian Festival (Nest ) and selected in Sheffield DocFest 2022, Official Section of Punto de Vista 2022, FICUNAM 2022 or Márgenes 2021 among others.

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asier garcia

Asier García de Albizu

Sound and post-production teacher

Ha trabajado en películas como; "Un mal día lo tiene cualquiera" o "Culpa mía"

Trained in sound at Escivi and specialized in sound for cinema at ECAM (2019-2022).

He has worked as a sound effects editor in the series "Las Invisibles" or "Pollos sin Cabeza" and in films such as "Un mal día lo tiene cualquiera", "Culpa mía" or "Matusalén". He currently combines sound post-production and direct sound work.

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Asier navio

Asier Navío

Screenwriting teacher

He has a degree in Journalism from the UPV/EHU. He graduated from the Master's Degree in Film and Series Scriptwriting at the TAI University School of Arts in Madrid and for two years has been carrying out specific studies in the area of ​​comedy. On the other hand, in a space dedicated to her in Portugalete.

On the other hand, he has been part of different creative projects and currently works at the production company Secuoya Studios. He has also written two feature films, one of them with Diego H. Kataryniuk Di Costanzo. Furthermore, for the last four years he has been performing comedy shows, mainly in Madrid and the Basque Country.

Berta Castrillejo

Berta Castrillejo

Film directing teacher

She does audiovisual communication at the University of Burgos graduating in 2013. She decides to train as a Film Director at the ECPV between 2013 and 2015 and specializes as a script at the ECAM in 2016.

Since then, his career has pivoted between assistant director and script, holding these positions in projects as relevant as: The Netflix series "The Body on Fire", "Victim Number 8", "Walkers" or the films "The Double Plus Fifteen" or "Vitoria 3 de Marzo".

Professor of:
Film Direction
Brais Rodríguez

Brais Rodríguez

Cinematography teacher

Participate in series like "Intimacy", "Vampire Academy" or the movie "The fourth passenger"

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, and later specialized in Photography Direction at the Kinema Film School in Bilbao. It is in the Biscayan capital where he develops his professional activity.

In the years that he has been residing in Bilbao, he has participated in several feature films, in two of them as Head of electrical “Toads and snakes”, Francisco Avizanda, 2013; "A escondidas", Mikel Rueda, 2014- Official Section of the Malaga Festival 2014 and as Production Assistant "Jupiter's Ascending", Andy and Lana Wachowski, 2014. He has also participated in more than a dozen video clips, mainly highlighting "Meterla ”, Free, 2011; “They say that I am”, Rat-Zinger, 2013; “New Rock Kids”, Juke Box Racket, 2012.

But if there is something that stands out, it is his participation in short films in different positions. From Director of photography “Under a different light”, Neftalí Vela, 2012; “Libremente”, Fran Longoria, 2011, up to Head of electrical "Night Stalker", Pablo Isidro, 2013; “Water”, Mikel Rueda, 2012- Best Photography at the Medina del Campo Festival, going through as assistant cameraman “Post Morten ”, Jaione Daubagna and Amara Mosteiro, 2014 or auxiliary.

Another notable activity is its collaboration with the Chaostic Cultural Association, aimed at promoting the most different and strange short films and cinema.

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Carlos Juarez

Carlos Juarez

Film producer

Dos nominaciones a los European Film Awards y un premio Goya

Film producer and president of the association of Basque producers EPE-APV. Since 2002 he has been the producer of more than thirty projects with his production company Basque Films. 

He dedicated himself for a decade to producing advertising, making Basque Films the most important advertising producer in northern Spain, his work in advertising has brands such as San Miguel, Coca Cola, Lexus, Volkswagen, Eitb or Laboral Kutxa among others. In addition, he combines these productions with film production and financing advice. In 2015 he won the Goya Award for Best Animated Film with Psiconautas with which he also won the platinum award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Feature Film at the Fantasía film festival. After this success will follow the production of "El hoyo" film with which he wins another Goya, this time for best special effects, four awards at the Sitges festival and is nominated for the European Film Award. In addition, he manages to be number 1 in the world on the Netflix platform which leads him to obtain financing for the second part of this film, also through Nexflix. 

He recently premiered "La casa del caracol" distributed by Amazon Prime, "Los demonios de barro", nominated for Goya for best animated film, "Upon Entry" Golden Biznaga for best film and Silver Biznaga for Best Actor at the Malaga Film Festival and which is distributed by Anonymous Content distributors of True detective, The Revenant or The Stranger, finally he has also released "Lobo feroz" distributed by Netflix Spain. 
Soon he will premiere Ritch flu Spanish-American co-production starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, The hole 2 with Milena Smit as the protagonist and a documentary about Charles Chaplin.

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David caina

David Caíña

Script tutor

Director de teatro y guionista

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and former student of Film Script at ECPV-Film School of the Basque Country.

He has worked in advertising creativity for brands such as FNAC or El Corte Inglés before focusing on fiction writing. Since then he has written short films such as "Nothing Happens" or "Amargo era el postres"; plays like “El Yonki del Dinero”, “How to Sell Death”, “Pretérito Imperfecto”; and video clips like “Highlights” or “Raust”.

He is currently developing feature film projects, in addition to continuing to produce and represent his theatrical texts, his next theater project will be released nationwide.

Eduardo Carneros

Eduardo Carneros

Executive Producer

Camera d'Or at Cannes and an Oscar® nomination.

Film and television producer for more than 30 years, he has been in charge of development strategies, financing, co-production, pre-sales, marketing and distribution of projects, participated in the production of more than 25 feature films, shorts, tvmovies, programs and TV series. With a long experience in obtaining and negotiating contracts with television, distributors, sales agents, tax investors, product placement, remakes, etc., and specialized in internationalization and co-productions, he has participated regularly in the main markets, co-production forums and international film and TV festivals —Cannes, AFM, Berlinale, MipTV— and national —San Sebastián, Seminci, Sitges, Malaga—, having achieved a remarkable harvest of notable awards, such as the Caméra d'Or at Cannes and an Oscar® nomination.

His productions include:

 "This is not Hollywood " biographical documentary in pre-production, about the life and work of Basque artists and filmmakers, Ibarretxe brothers, selected to compete for the 2022 EITB Zinebi Networking Award, " Once upon a time in the Caribbean" (2023) a Puerto Rican feature film written and directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Ray Figueroa, will be shown in theaters on Thursday, October 12, feature films such as "La isla de las mentiras " (2020, Paula Cons), "Ola de Crimees " (2018, Gracia Querejeta), "Rey Gitano " (2015, Juanma Bajo Ulloa), "Fuego " (2014, Luis Marías), Las Acacias (2011, Pablo Giorgelli), "Un mundo casi perfecto " (2011, Esteban Ibarretxe), "Aballay, el hombre sin miedo " (2010), "La mujer del anarquista " (2008, Marie Noëlle, Peter Sehr), "Los Cronocrímenes" (2007, Nacho Vigalondo), "Muertos comunes " (2004, Norberto Ramos del Val), "Ouija " (Juan Pedro Ortega,2003), "Sabotage!" (2000, Esteban Ibarretxe) or "Solo se muere dos vez" (1997, Esteban Ibarretxe). TV Shows such as "The Memoirs of Karbo Vantas " (TV Series), "Agur, Olentzero, agur " (TV Movie) or "The Arthur Rowshan Show " and "Mission Lipdub" (Prime Time). His short films include "7.35 de la mañana " by Nacho Vigalondo and " Alegrías Riojanas" (2022) by Velasco Broca. 

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Foto Ekain Albite 2

Ekain Albite

Feature Film LAB Tutor

Director of the feature film "Negu Hurbilak"

He was born in a small neighborhood of Zestoa (Gipuzkoa) called Ibañarrieta in 1999. He graduated from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) with a degree in directing. Within the context of the school he made several hybrid format short films, all of them shot in 16mm with his classmates.

His final degree project is the fiction feature film 'Negu Hurbilak' that premiered at the 76th edition of the Locarno International Film Festival in the 'Cineasti del Presente' section, obtaining the Special Mention of the Jury. The film was screened at several international festivals, including the 68th edition of SEMINCI, in the 'Meeting Point' section.

In 2020, he embarked on an adventure with the Darahli association and the film production company Maluta Films that led him to shoot a short fiction film in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps titled 'Haizearen egia'. This short film was presented at the ZINEBI festival in Bilbo and received the Special Jury Mention at the Euskal Zine Bilera festival in Lekeitio.

elisa campano

Elisa Campano

Styling and characterization teacher

Directora de Littas Beauty

Director of Littas since 2011. During her extensive career she has worked as a characterizer in operas, zarzuelas and plays by Arriaga and Euskalduna since 2006, make-up artist for Eitb (Euskal Telebista) in the Bilbao, Iurreta and K2000 studios and collaborator for 'El Correo' in articles on makeup trends, as well as a make-up artist for TeleBilbao and at the chain's galas.

On the other hand, she is also Store Manager of KIKO Make up Milano, official Makeup Artist of Estée Lauder nationwide, makeup artist of M A C Cosmetics and Make Up Store, teaching courses and masterclasses and specialist in Bridal since 2001. She is also a responsible for 'Together we are Broadway' (Muxikebarri), 'La cazadora de Mitos' (Arriaga 2022) and for the fiction series 'Irabazi Arte' and 'Beti Mugan' (Etb1).

He has also worked as a reinforcement in films and series, creating character settings, in electoral campaigns, video clips for various national artists, spots and events (BBKLive, MTV EMA, Bkool Fitness, Atelier Couture Madrid, SD Eibar, Joma, La caja Gris, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Eitb...), corporate image (UPV, Osakidetza, Euskaltel, Kutxabank, Vidrala, Gaursa, Clínicas IVI, Biok, Iberdrola, Muxote...) and in editorials, reports and Fashion catalogues.

Ernesto Baez

Ernesto Báez

Cinematography Tutor

Director de fotografía de la serie de Disney + No abras nunca esa puerta

After training in the field of Photography Direction in centers inside and outside the peninsula, he has years of experience behind him in the world of audiovisual teaching.

With more than fifteen years of career in the photography department, he has participated in numerous feature films as a technician, assuming positions as director of photography, camera operator, camera assistant/focus puller, camera assistant and electrician.

As a Director of Photography, he has done various jobs for brands such as Rumbo, Iberdrola, The film Bilbao Ext día, or The plot point. He has also participated as a camera operator in La fortuna, Ane, Alardea, La pequeña Suiza.

He is currently shooting the documentary film Charlie Chaplin, A Man of the World as a camera operator, while preparing his second documentary as a cinematographer.

Facundo Quevedo

Facundo Quevedo

Production teacher

Ha trabajado para productoras como; Movistar + o Netflix

He studied film and television production at the Pedro Almodóvar Film School, finishing his studies while already working at Garage Films. (Madrid 2011).

His first film was Errata (2012) shot in Argentina, it was also Iván Vescovo's first film. He then directed the production of two documentaries: Tras las fronteras (2014) and Sitio distinto (2016). He worked in large Madrid production companies (Garage Films and Igloo Films) producing and shooting mostly television commercials, always in the production team (2012/2015).

Later on, he will direct the production of short films such as Ainhoa by Iván Sainz Pardo (2016), Amargo era el dessert by Diego Kataryniuk (2018), El perro by Daniel Cortázar (2019) or Regina by Lander Ibarretxe (2019). Always combining it with feature films, such as Crime Wave, El doble mas quince or his latest work Nora, by Lara Izaguirre.

In the last year he has been coordinator of productions such as "La fortuna" by Movistar plus and "Intimacy" by Netflix.

Tutor and Professor of:
Master's degree
Film production
Professor of:
Film Direction
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fernando j monge

Fernando J. Monge

Production teacher

Goya Award for Best Documentary Short Film

Born in 1992, he has been linked to cinema since he was very young. He began his career in audiovisuals at the age of 18, working as a sound editor on numerous top-level films and television series. Later, he decided to focus on what is his true vocation, production. Since then he has produced eight short films with a common trademark, the quality of the projects.

His good judgment when selecting projects and directors, and his way of working, have meant that all the projects produced under his label have more than two hundred selections and sixty awards. Festivals at the level of the Tribeca Festival, which selects, after ten years, a Spanish short film Baraka, also nominated for the Goya Award for Best Fiction Short Film, or Ferrotipos, which receives the jury prize at the Medina Film Week del Campo, is selected in the Madrid en Short catalog and is selected in festivals such as Bogoshort or Hollyshorts cataloging Oscar awards are some of the awards and selections for his work. Last year he received his second selection for the Goya Awards for the short documentary Mama, with which he won the Goya Award for Best Documentary Short Film.

He is one of the youngest producers to receive two nominations for the Goya Awards, but that does not mean he has left aside his role as a field producer. He has worked for HBO, Sky and Peacock this last year, while advancing in the development of new projects, his first feature film Elefante (Special Mention Madrid Pitchbox Filmarket-hub and selected in TFL Extended), the fiction series Landia, and the short film Mold fiction.

Gerardo Tome

Gerardo Tomé

Film directing teacher

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Mondragón and in Film Direction at the ECPV.

He has worked in the direction department of spots, music videos, short films, series and films.

The projects include “Cristóbal Balenciaga”, “The Other Side”, “Artesanía”, “Agrio”, “El rey de la Semana”, “Instinto” and “Deviant”.

Professor of:
Film Direction
Gonzalo Lobato

Gonzalo Gómez Lobato

Professor of marketing for whom

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid and Master in Film Business from ESCAC. He has worked in companies such as FILMAX (distribution and development department) for films such as REC4, Summer Camp and Dawn in Edinburgh among others.

His last film works to date have been for the films 7 Reasons to Run (Esteve Soler, Gerard Quinto, David Torras), Madre (Rodrigo Sorogoyen), La Mort de Guillem (Carlos Marques-Marcet), Ane (David Pérez Sañudo) , the digital project Orgull d'Horta and the Mediterranean (Marcel Barrena).

Guillermo Rivera

Guillermo Rivera

Direction tutor

Crítico de la fundación MONTRESSO

Author, critic and filmmaker born in Brussels in 1980, Guillermo Rivera trained at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in his native city before illustrating himself as founder and pen of the French digital magazine OZARTS ETC.

After this experience, he commits himself to the audiovisual world, producing various artists from the Spanish music scene. Along with this work, he undertakes photography direction studies at the ECPV in Bilbao. In 2017, he won several awards at Iberian festivals and decided to deepen his exploration of cinematographic language by joining the prestigious ESCAC.

The following year, he accompanies the Parisian SOMOGY Publishing House and the MONTRESSO Foundation of Marrakech in writing a book dedicated to the French painter Cédric Crespel. Since then, he has frequently collaborated with the MONTRESSO Foundation, contributing texts and reviews to its catalogs and covering the work of artists such as Tania Mouraud, Fatiha Zemmouri, Maya Ines Touam, Roxane Daumas, Kouka Ntadi or David Mesguich.

ibai labega

Ibai Labega

Film costume design tutor

Ha trabajado para productoras como; Movistar+, Netflix o EiTB

He studied fashion design and pattern making at the Goymar-Madrid school, specializing in men's tailoring.

During the first years of his career, he presents and sells his collections at different fairs and fashion catwalks such as "el Ego de MBFWM" in Madrid or "Pasarela South" in Cádiz.

Starting in 2011 and after his residence at the BilbaoArte Foundation, he joins forces with the artist Guillermo Orjales and together they form the River William brand. With this firm, specialized in textile printing, he achieves notable commercial success and manages to position the brand in the international market. After several years of working together and seeing that their creative processes do not meet the pace set by the textile industry, in 2016 they made the decision to disassociate themselves from the official circuit and thus make room for new projects related to the world of clothing.

This decision to open up new lines of work awakens her interest in costume design and she begins to work on different audiovisual productions. Series like “G0!azen”. “Altsasu” from EITB or “La línea invisible” from Movistar +, and “Intimidad” from Netflix are some of the projects on which he has worked. As a costume designer, he has designed the costumes for the short film "Arnasa" by Raul Barreras, "Betiko Gaua" by Eneko Sagardo and the series "Itsaso" by EITB and the audiovisual piece "Acromática" by the artist Mabi Revuelta.

He currently combines his work as a costume designer with the production of artistic work, collaborating with various artists and creators.

Tutor and Professor of:
Master's degree
Costume design for film
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iker elorrieta

Iker Elorrieta

Directing, photography and editing teacher

Director of the feature film "The Radio Amateur"

Film and advertising director born in Bilbao. His first fiction feature film “El Radioaficionado” (The Radio Amateur) was the only Spanish film selected in the first works section of the prestigious class A festival: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia in 2021, and had its premiere in Spain in the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film won the “Prix Cinématographique de la Sorbonne 2022” at the Different14 Festival in Paris, and the “Bronze camura” at the Bergamo Film Meeting new auteurs festival in Italy in 2022.

He began his professional career working as an editor of television documentaries and animated feature films for Filmax entertainment. He studied film direction at the Ramón Llul University in Barcelona and has worked in advertising for brands such as Nike, Ford motor company, Adidas and Vans, among others. Her short documentary film “I Forgot Myself Somewhere” 2017 (about women's education in northern Pakistan) was awarded at various international film festivals for human rights. Since 2012 he has participated as a director, director of photography in various audiovisual projects and recently as a teacher giving masterclasses in centers such as Crimic and the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Ismael Martín

Ismael Martín

Professor of Distribution and Markets

Numerous Goya nominations, and two Oscar nominations with MADRE and AQUEL NO ERA YO

In my professional career I have distributed more than 1000 films at film festivals, accumulating more than 35,000 selections and 6,000 awards. Among them numerous Goya nominations, and two Oscar nominations with MADRE and AQUEL NO ERA YO.

In 2005 I launched the Madrid en corto project that I have managed for 15 years as part of my distribution work at ECAM.

In recent years I have focused my distribution work with my own company on Selected Films with short films and also feature films, where in a very short time it has become the Spanish distributor with the highest growth in the festival circuit both nationally and internationally

In programming I have been part of the selection committee of Documenta Madrid and I have participated in the project support committees at the ICAA, in the Canary Islands and Andalusia, I have also been invited as a jury member in several international festivals.

Iyan altube

Iyan Altube

Cinematographer teacher

Ha trabajado para productoras como; EiTB, Last Tour o Mediapro

Director of Photography and creative artist currently working in Bilbao. Inspired by urban culture, nature, cinema and design, I am building a solid career in advertising, television formats, documentaries and recently in fiction.

After finishing my cinematography studies at ESCAC (2017), I started working mainly as a cinematographer for companies like Young Turks, EiTB, Last Tour, Guggenheim or Mediapro, but also doing editor and colorist jobs.

2022 - “Encajada” Trieste Science + Fiction Festival // Fant 29 Official Selection Basque shorts.

2021 - "Txango" Mendi Film Bizkaia Ternua Beka 2021.

2021 - “Harro” ZINEBI 63 Bertoko Begiradak - Views from the Basque Country.

2020 - “Hemen. Gaur. Berriz.” ZINEBI 62 International Festival of Documentary and Short Film. Bilbao [Eu] – EITB Audience Award // 18th ZINEGOAK Bilbao International Gaylesbitrans Film and Performing Arts Festival [Eu].

2019 - “ARTIKO” Official section ZINEBI 61 // Kimuak 2019 San Sebastián Festival // Best movie in Euskera BBK Mendi Film 2019 // HOT SPRINGS Official section.

2016 - “PAULOSKI” Taula Lila First prize in SOPELA KOSTA FEST.

2014 - Time-lapse video of Guggenheim Bilbao for the opening at “Prince of Asturias Awards” for the architecture (Frank Gehry).

Izaskun Artegui Alcaide

Izaskun Artegui Alcaide

Research workshop tutor

Professor and researcher at the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Graduate in Sociology. Master in Models and Research Areas in Social Sciences and Research Proficiency accredited by the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA).

Her professional career has developed mainly as a teacher and researcher at the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. He has taught different subjects, including Sociological Theory and History of Thought in the degrees of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology and Research Techniques in the degrees of Sociology, Political Science and Audiovisual Communication, as well as in the Master's Degree in Human Development. Faculty.

His research is fundamentally based on theories around social timing and risk, with a particular emphasis on biographical uncertainty, future planning strategies, and the possible contradictions that arise in this process. In addition, she has collaborated in research projects and led studies supported by various organizations, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, the Basque Women's Institute - Emakunde and the Youth Area of ​​the Bilbao City Council.

She has been a guest researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid and at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His research experience is reflected in various specialized publications in his areas of knowledge, as well as in his participation with presentations and communications in conferences and congresses both nationally and internationally.

Jon Arenas

Jon Arenas

Direct sound teacher

Sound technician for more than 10 years. After finishing his studies in Tartanga, he went on to work on the Basque public television (ETB).

Over time he has been combining work in television, film, advertising and theater, both in the direct and post-production sections, from his sound studio (KLAP Studio).

In cinema, he has directed or was part of the sound of different feature films, such as Pikadero (Ben Sharrock), La noche del virgen (Roberto San Sebastián) or Sapos y culebras (Francisco Avizanda) and has been responsible for dozens of short films: Loco con ballesta and Khuruf (Kepa Sojo), Ainhoa (Iván Sáinz-Pardo), Beerbug (Ander Mendia)…

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jone sanchez

Jone Sánchez

Profesora de caracterización cinematográfica y efectos especiales

A whole life dedicated to the image profession, since since he was very young he was very clear that it was his passion and he has been lucky enough to fulfill his dream.

She finished her studies as a hairdressing trainer in the year 2000, always in continuous training with different professionals, she has specialized in make-up with Lucia Camarena and in personal image consulting with María Urania, as well as in different hairdressing specialties such as: color, haircut, collected, aftercare... etc.

He has worked for the last 13 years as a teacher at the Fernando Hairdressing Center, teaching hairdressing and aesthetics subjects both to free training groups and in Lanbide specialties and professional certificates. Previously, she worked in different beauty salons and in the company Listas Beauty with Elisa Campano.

jordi lopez

Jordi López

Profesor de cinematografía

Montador del largometraje "Matar a Dios"

He was born in São Paulo, Brazil and currently resides in Barcelona.

She studied at the ESCAC, Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia, specializing in Editing.

As a director, in addition to Wednesday; Scorsese, he has directed the teaser for "A Good Son", a feature film project developed at "Four Corners/Talent Campus" (a year-long workshop for the Media program and several European film schools), and currently He is developing another Feature Film project, El día Después, for which he also shot a teaser and has just shot another short film, Lion Dreams (Contraria MEDIA, 2023).

He has also directed several advertising spots, such as "Lletres" and "Ciutat Nova", for the APPEC group (Catalan press association), as well as for the LIFE & PICTURES production company. And he has been the director of more than 80 training capsules for the Barcelona City Council produced by the Bertessman group.

He has been the editor of a large number of promotional pieces, trailers, spots, promos, etc., both for films in which he has worked as an editor or assistant, and commissioned by other production companies. For example: "Eva" Escandalo Films (2011), "Mariha Mundi and the Midas Box" (Arcadia Films 2012), "Stigmas" (Nadir films "2010), Out of the Dark (Apaches entertainment, 2014), We are people Honrada (Vaca Films & El terral, 2013), Blacker than Night 3D (Celeste Films, 2014) and Vulcania (Zentropa Spain, 2105), The Invisible Guardian (Atresmedia, Nostromo Films, 2017), Paraiso (The MediaProStudio, 2021 ), The Boarding School, The Summits, (The Mediaprostudio, 2021) or Tuscany (True Films, 2022).

He has also participated as an additional editor in various productions: the American version of “EVA” (Escandalo Films, 2011) in “88” (directed by Jordi Mollà, Media Films. 2011), ADIÓS (APACHES ENTR. 2019) ROPES (Bastian Films , 2019) The Last Show (HBO, 2020), UNBOXING IBAI (NETFLIX, 2020), Venus (Pokipsie Films, 2022), My Teacher Ate My Friend (VIX ORIGINALS, 2023). Offline editor during part of the filming of “Toro” (Apaches entertainment, 2016). As well as several short films in 35mm, among which "Lucille", by Albert Pintó, which was selected at the Malaga Festival, Aun hay tiempo, by Albert Pinto, selected at the Sitges Festival and "Todo Queda en Familia", stand out. by Luis Fabra.

He has also worked as editing supervisor for the feature films: The girl from the song (Escac Films, 2017), BluRai (Escac Films, 2017), MISSING (Escac Films, 2018), My dear brotherhood (Escac Films, 2018), Ovella (ESCAC FILMS, 2021).

He has also worked briefly on television, editing a chapter of the Cites series (Arca audiovisual, 2015), as well as editing promotional pieces for said series.

He has been assistant editor in feature films such as "Trash" (Escandalo Films 2008), "la Mari" (Invitro Films 2008), "Estigmas" (Nadir films "2010), "Transgression" (Just Films 2010), "Eva" Escandalo Films (2011), "Mariha Mundi and the Midas Box" (Arcadia Films 2012).

At the same time, he works as a professor of editing and directing, teaching classes at ESCAC (Higher School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia) in the upper level, masters and postgraduate courses and in international cooperation programs that have led him to give workshops in Lima (Peru). or Dakar (Senegal). He also teaches directing and editing workshops at the ECIB (BARCELONA FILM SCHOOL). He is also the editing supervisor of the short films for the end of the degree, and feature films at both schools.

Profesor de banda sonora

Joseba Beristain

Soundtrack teacher

Nominado a los premios Goya por la banda sonora de "Unicornio Wars"

Nominated for a Goya 2023 for best original song for the animated film "Unicorn Wars", his career has led him to work on projects such as Elcano y Magallanes, La noche or Loop, a short film nominated for a Goya 2023, he is an emerging figure in the world of soundtrack and film song.

He began to receive piano and solfeggio classes at the age of 6, but his relationship with music was somewhat irregular until he reached adolescence, when that relationship began to be more intense.

From the age of 15 he played in various musical groups in which he also worked as a composer, but his interest was always oriented towards the audiovisual world. In this way, at the age of 20 he began to make music for short films and since then his participation as a musician in audiovisual projects has been increasing, making music for feature films, documentaries and promotional videos.

Professor of:
Film Direction
joseba hernandez

Joseba Hernández

Motion graphics teacher

Los proyectos en los que ha trabajado suman más de 400 premios

Post-producer and Director of photography from Bilbao. He graduated in Multimedia Production and Audiovisual Communication from the University of the Basque Country and later specialized in Photography Direction at the Basque Country Film School. He works at the UNIKO animation and advertising production company as a director, post-producer and digital composer, combining it with dozens of short films, spots and video clips as a director of photography, editor, colorist and digital artist, adding more than 400 awards and selections.

He has post-produced the animated short films 'La Noche' (2018) by Martín Romero, 'Soy una tumba' (2018) by Khris Cembe, 'Homeless Home' (2020) by Alberto Vázquez and 'Nacer' (2021) by Roberto Valle, the first Basque web series for mobile phones 'IXA' (2020), the documentary 'Auterretrato' (2019) by Gaizka Urresti or the short film 'Vatios' (2021) by David Pérez Sañudo. Among his most recent milestones are 'Loop' (2021) by Pablo Polledri, the documentary 'Labordeta, a man without more' (2022) by Gaizka Urresti and the animated feature film 'Unicorn Wars' (2022) by Alberto Vázquez.

He is currently working on the animated short film 'To Bird or not to Bird' (2023) by Martín Romero, the animated film 'Sultana's Dream' (2023) by Isabel Herguera among other projects.

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Juan Montoto Ugarte

Direct sound teacher

He has worked in productions such as "La casa de papel" or "Terminator 6"

Juan Montoto Ugarte is a Direct Sound professional for Film and TV based in Madrid.

He studied the specialty “Sound in Cinema” at ECAM in Madrid for 3 years from 2007 to 2010. Later he specialized in “Direct Sound” in London at the NFTS school in 2013 and started as a Sound Assistant in English productions.

In 2016 he returned to Spain where he began working as a Microphonist in national and international productions (“La Casa de Papel”, “Tierra Firme”, “Terminator 6”, “As Bestas”) and since 2020 he has worked as Head of Direct Sound for series , films, advertising and documentaries.

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julene gregorio

Julene Gregorio

Movie costume design tutor

Fundadora de la marca Sabai

From his native Arteaga, he already projected himself working in the world of fashion in any of its aspects. After finishing high school, she moved to Bilbao to study at the INEDI fashion school, while combining it with modeling and stylist work.

Once she finished her studies and with two collections made (La Nouvelle Femme and Pink Pussy) she launched as a freelancer creating her own firm with the Satur Najai! collection, working as a stylist for brands (MAN 1924, Toca Toca, Lovat and Green... .), music groups (Belako, Jota Martina, VULK...) and various personalities such as Eneko Sagardoy, Jone Laspiur and Nerea Torrijos.

Her mistress, Gemma Uriarte, passed on her passion for ceramics and thanks to that they have developed, both together and separately, jewelry projects and decoration pieces. This gave rise to the founding of the Sabai brand in 2020.

In addition, he has also worked in the cinema, where I have participated in several films, series and fashion films in the wardrobe team, where fashion becomes something more functional, precise and immediate, but equally gratifying and a source of a lot of experience.

His latest project has been to collaborate with the brand of kaikus and beggars Beletxara. Patricia Krug, along with her creator, have worked hand in hand in the production of her latest fashion show at the Bilbao Reproductions Museum.

Tutor and Professor of:
Master's degree
Costume design for film
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leire orella

Leire Orella

Profesora de ambientación

Ha trabajado en producciones como; Juego de tronos, Handia o Maixabel

She began her career, self-taught, in the show in 2003. That work, combined with the passion for this medium, helped her start working on television as a wardrobe manager in an Eitb series: Martin.

He continues working in the same chain, as a stylist/costume designer for eleven years, in half a dozen series: Mugaldekoak, Brinkola... and a dozen humor, current affairs, contests, reality shows: Vaya semanita, Wazemank, Noaoa etc. He also works as a costume designer in tv movies: Aupa josu, Lain... In short films: Sintonía, Soroa, Arconada etc. In the documentary Bertsolari. Advertising spots: Euskaltel etc.. and Theatre: Xabinator.

He began a new stage as a costume designer in Cinema in 2015 with feature films such as: Negociador, Amama, Fe de Etarras, Oreina, Ilargi guztiak, American Star... And about twenty Short Films: Anómalo, Narciso, Anti, Serendipia, Muga, Ximinoa etc. . In addition to the Series: Puntu koma and Hondar ahoak. Videoclips: Eñaut Elorrieta (Hariak), Furia (You call it heaven), lauroba (Gu, Sua gara) etc. And Theatre: Etxekoak.

She also works as a costume designer's assistant, filming tailor, coordinator, assistant and reinforcement in: When you stop loving me, Game of Thrones, Advantages of traveling by train, The invisible line, Once upon a time in Euskadi, Handia, Maixabel, Balenciaga etc.

Being in different positions and productions provides him with a deeper knowledge of the costume department, and emphasizes, among other things, the importance of setting the audiovisual costumes and the show.

Mariana unda

Mariana Unda

Art history teacher

Production scholarship, in the Visual Arts modality of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia

Graduate in Fine Arts and Higher Technician in Photography and Plastic Arts.

In 2012, he completed the Master of Research and Creation in Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country to subsequently begin a research process within the framework of a doctoral program at the same faculty.

In 2015, he received the Production Scholarship, in the Visual Arts modality, from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Combining theoretical research with artistic production, he has participated in different conferences and publications (Congress of creators on other works at the University of Lisbon, Meetings with Research in Bilbaoarte, Ediciones LaSIA, Egiar aldizkaria or Revista Gamma, among others), as well as as, in different exhibitions.

She has worked as an aerial photographer (FOAT) and as a guide at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the Windsor Gallery.

Professor of:
Film Direction
Mario Campoy

Mario Campoy

Styling and characterization tutor

Ganador de un premio Goya a mejores FX por "El hoyo"

She studied makeup and characterization professionally in Barcelona at the age of 18.

He set up his first workshop at the age of 19 and has been working on a multitude of short films, video clips and as a special effects technician for other workshops in Barcelona. After a few years, he decided to expand his borders and professional contacts and went to live in London, where he worked for different workshops as a sculptor and special effects technician, doing all kinds of advertising events for brands like Nike or Virgin, and on television programs and commercial series for the main television channels in England.

After a few years as a freelance, he came to Bilbao to do a master's degree, then he met his future business partner Irene Rio, and together they started their company Baconsfx.

Their first film as a company was "La noche del virgen" in Bilbao, whose success helped them grow professionally and become known on the national film scene.

Since then they have made a multitude of short films such as "Jules D" or "Insidia" and films such as "O dolorosa Joia". One of his latest projects has been the feature film “El hoyo”, by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, with Iván Massagué, Zorion Eguileor and Antonia San Juan. His work on this film was awarded with a Gaudí́ prize and the Goya prize for the best special effects.

Tutor and Professor of:
Master's degree
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Mike R. Nieto

Mikel R. Nieto

Sound Post-Production Teacher

Sound artist, occasional curator and independent researcher.

Her work focuses mainly on the study of the different socio-cultural and political aspects that arise from the act of listening. Listening as a source for the sound creation of specific situations and as a source for critical thinking and deep listening .

Patricia Muñoz

Patrizia Muñoz

Film directing teacher

After studying Film Direction, he began to work as a script, since he has been working for more than a decade in both short films, feature films and series.

She participates in several projects as an assistant director and directs different documentaries herself with different themes. He combines filming with teaching where he teaches subjects related to film directing and documentary film.

In search of new references, she is interested in cinema made by women. As a result of this interest and aware of the existing gap, he develops a course on this subject. Her latest foray has been into the world of comics where, to this day, she is immersed in the development of a project as a screenwriter.

Professor of:
Film Direction
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paule barcenilla

Paule Barcenilla

Profesora de interpretación

Paule Barcenilla (Bilbao, 1993) was born and grew up in an artistic family environment, her mother was a music teacher and from an early age she began musical and vocal training.

His professional career began in 2014 when he became part of the hACERIA Company directed by Richard Sahagún. Since then he has participated in different plays such as “Verano de Cristal”, “La tristeza del caracol”, “El abrazo de Heróntidas” and “Kakerlake/Kafka”, the latter premiered at the Teatro Arriaga. In 2017, he participated in "The legend of the Guggenheim" a small piece written and directed by Juanma Bajo Ulloa for the Museum's XX Anniversary.

His debut on the big screen came with "Gernika", directed by Koldo Serra. He also participated in the thriller "El silencio de la ciudad blanca", directed by Daniel Calparsoro where he gave life to the young Felisa. He participated in the series "Centro médico" and coincided again with Koldo Serra in the first Orange TV fiction series "Caminantes" produced by 100 bullets (The Mediapro Studio).

His latest work has been in the film "Maixabel", released in the Official Section of #69SSIFF under the direction of Icíar Bollaín.

Pedro Rivero

Pedro Rivero

Script teacher

Ganador de un premio Goya y nominado a otro "Birdboy" y por "El hoyo"

Co-writer of the feature film EL HOYO (2019), Award for Best Film and Audience Award at the Sitges Festival, Audience Award in the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) and Scuola Holden Award for Best Screenplay at the Toronto Film Festival. Turin. Nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Goya Awards and for Best Dramatic Film and Best Screenplay at the Feroz Awards. Producer, director and screenwriter of the feature film PSYCONAUTAS, LOS NIÑOS OLIDADOS, winner of the Goya Award for Best Animated Film 2017, winner of 18 international awards, shortlisted for the Oscars and nominated for Best European Animated Film, and of the feature film LA CRISIS CARNIVORA (2007 ), the first Spanish film made in Flash animation for cinemas.

Producer, director and screenwriter of the short film BIRDBOY, Goya Award winner for Best Animated Short Film 2012, awarded with more than 40 awards at national and international festivals and shortlisted for the Oscars, and producer and co-writer of the short film SANGRE DE UNICORNIO, nominated for the Goya Award for Best Animated Short Film 2015, awarded with more than 25 awards.

Scriptwriter for several animated series for television and the feature film GOOMER (1999), Goya Award for Best Animated Film. Artistic Director of ANIMAKOM FEST – Bilbao International Animated Film Festival. President of the Professional Association of Basque Screenwriters between 2002 and 2008.

Film script teacher at various academies in Bizkaia, currently at Anima Eskola, the Kunsthal Higher School of Design and author of comics and theater texts.

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rodrigo de pablo

Rodrigo De Pablo

Cinematography teacher

Ha trabajado para productoras como; Movistar + o Telecinco Cinema

Born in Madrid in 1995, at the age of 13 his interest in analog photography began and at the age of 16 he got his first digital camera with which he shot his first projects.

At the age of 20, they began their studies at the CEV school in Madrid, which would last two years until they completed their training, at which time they started working at the Falco Films rental house.

Two years later he would begin his studies at ESCAC and would move to live in Barcelona until he completed his studies.

During these years he has continued to enter the video clip industry. Thus, accumulating more than 100 works in video clip format and expanding his curriculum with fictions, short films and documentaries.

He is currently filming two productions "Sorry for the inconvenience" for Movistar+ and "Garcia y Garcia 2, the Hotel de los líos" for Telecinco cinema.

ruben corral

Rubén Corral

Film directing teacher

ZINEBI programming coordinator

Born in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), he has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of the Basque Country, a Master's Degree in Multimedia Journalism and an Advanced Studies Diploma in Spanish Film History.

Programming coordinator of ZINEBI - Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, he has collaborated with the Gijón International Film Festival, the UNAM International Film Festival (Mexico) and the Indiana University Cinema (USA).

He participated in the evaluation committee of the Fund for Cinematographic Development (Proimágenes Colombia) 2021 and has been a speaker in industry activities at festivals such as DocLisboa (Portugal) or Visions du Réel (Nyon, Switzerland). He is co-director of ZINEBI Networking: Dokumentalen Sorgunea – Bilbao Professional Documentary Film Forum.

He has been an advisor to Azkuna Zentroa's Zinemateka between 2011 and 2021; programmed the sessions 'Classics on the big screen' at the Sala BBK in Bilbao between 2013 and 2020; and he has been a programmer for Zinemabarri – Zine Kluba and Zinematxiki at Muxikebarri Zentroa (Getxo). Always in relation to film programming, he has collaborated with the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Kulturbasque (UPV/EHU), the Vasco Navarro College of Architects, Astiune (Mungia) and the Filmoteca de Navarra.

He has published reviews and articles related to cinema on websites such as La Butaca or Cineismo, and in magazines such as Fotogramas, Versión Original, Quatermass or Pausa.

Professor of:
Film Direction
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sara fantova 01

Sara Fantova

Film directing teacher

His short film “Don't wake me up” premiered in the official section of the 63 Seminci and was in Rotterdam

In 2013 he began his university studies at the ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya), specializing two years later in directing.
cinematographic. He graduated in 2018 with “Don't wake me up”, a short film that premiered in the official section of the 63 Seminci and was in Rotterdam among other festivals. She is also one of the eleven co-directors and co-writers of “La filla d’algú”, the collective feature film tutored by Sergi Pérez and premiered at the Málaga Festival with which Aina Clotet took home the silver medal.

Furthermore, since finishing her degree, she has participated in different projects, thus continuing her training and foray into film as a merit director and assistant director in several projects. Among other things, he has been a children's coach in the series “Christmas Days” by Pau Freixas and “Good Manners” by Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz. He has also done the casting for “A common place” by Celia Giraldo and has been a scriptwriter in it, in addition to the debut feature “AMA” by Júlia de Paz Solvas, in the series “Doctor Portuondo” by Carlo Padial and in “ I am loving you madly” by Alejandro Marin.

This year he co-directed three of the chapters of the series created by Aina Clotet, “Aixo is no Sweden,” with Celia Giraldo. And he is currently in the post-production process of his first film “Jone, batzuetan”.

Professor of:
Film Direction
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Selene Ibarra

Production Teacher

Ha trabajado en producciones como; Errementari o Handia

Graduated in Fine Arts and Superior Technique of Plastic Arts and Design of artistic photography.

During his career he has attended several artistic courses and seminars, while at the same time he has developed different exhibitions.

Her work experience has led her to go through different positions in the production department, working on feature films such as: Operación Concha, Handia, Errementari, La hoguera de los bastardos or El rey gitano.

He has also participated in the Cortada festival, in television programs for production companies such as Pausoka and New digital media Euskadi or in advertising for CEPSA or HP.

silvia baltasar

Silvia Baltasar

Stage costume teacher

Ha trabajado en teatro, cine y televisión como figurinista, sastra y estilista

She studied 4 years of Fashion at the EVEM school in San Sebastian, did a Fashion Postgraduate from Art at the UPV and a Master of Fashion Design at the LCI school in Barcelona.

He began his professional career creating his own collections and setting up a store, creating bespoke and industrial designs. From there he began working with the company of Txirri Mirri eta Txiribiton during 4 years of touring creating costumes for each character and each role. This is how he continued his career working for different companies and began working at the Costume Designer and Costume Designer ETB for programs such as Vaya Semanita, Goazen, Bagoaz…

He currently works as a costume designer, tailor and stylist for documentaries, series and films...

He has been in the profession for twenty years and that has given him the opportunity to create all kinds of suits and thus work with all kinds of materials.

Soledad Santelices

Soledad Santelices

Production, financing and distribution teacher

Producer, Chilean-Ecuadorian film director and founding partner of the production house "INCUBADORA" and has worked as a producer between Ecuador and Chile

Chilean-Ecuadorian film producer and director.

She is a founding partner of the production house "INCUBADORA" and has worked as a producer between Ecuador and Chile. He produced the feature films "Soy much better than you" (2013), by Che Sandoval (Chile), winner of the Chilean production fund and CORFO distribution fund, and "El facilitador" (2013) by Víctor Arregui (Ecuador), winner of the production fund. of Ecuador and Ibermedia fund. She created the Emerging Audiovisual Development Laboratory "LADAE", winner of the training fund in Chile and was also head of the L90 Digital Cinema project, where she advised more than twenty feature films.

He is currently producing the feature film "Cuentero", winner of the national production fund of which he is co-writer, and the documentary "Rotacismo", winner of national funds, Ibermedia and Sundance, Bertha Fund and selected in the Documentary Campus, among other spaces. He has directed the children's documentary series Panas and is currently writing his first feature film Duhkha, selected at Cine Qua Non.

Professor of:
Film Direction
Txemi del Olmo

Txemi del Olmo

Tutor de doblaje

Ha trabajado como locutor y actor de doblaje para EiTB, TVE, Cuatro, Antena 3, La Ser o Los 40 principales

He started out on the radio and has been working for ten years as an announcer and advertising creative on different stations in Bilbao and Vitoria such as Onda Cero (Protagonistas Bizkaia), SER and 40 Principales.

Little by little he has redirected his professional career towards dubbing. He currently works as an actor for various dubbing studios in Bizkaia and Madrid, where he has voiced numerous series, films, documentaries and animation for ETB, TVE, Cuatro, Antena 3, Veo TV, Discovery Channel, Odisea and Canal Historia.

He was a voice-over and writing teacher at the now-defunct "Radio Sintonía" station-school in Portugalete, and a jury in the Biscayan Artistic Association's recitation contest.

Occasionally he intervenes as a rhapsode and humorist in some literary meetings in Bilbao and in local and national radio programs such as Radio Popular and RNE-Radio3.

urko foto

Urko de los Ríos

Script teacher

Began his education in audiovisual matters with a degree in audiovisual production at the Andoain ESCIVI (School of Film and Video) and continued studying two years of Fine Arts at the Basque Public University, to end up landing at KINEMA, a film school based in Bilbao, where he specialized in film script. Later on, he completed his training with courses such as Josué Monchuán's Videoludic Storytelling organized by the Association of Basque Scriptwriters, of which he is a member, and was chosen to participate in Gidoi Faktoria, the television script master's degree organized by the Basque regional television ( ETB).

He has worked on several short films as a screenwriter ( The Night Stalker, by Pablo Isidro; Happy Birthday, by Roberto San Sebastián; or The End of All Things, by Norma Vila) screened at many festivals and winners of various awards. He has also translated scripts into English, written for corporate videos, and co-written the video game Bennevine for Naduku Games. He has also been a jury member at several film festivals such as FANT and Animakon in Bilbao, the Hendaye Short Film Festival, or Santurtzine.

He currently works as a teacher specialized in script and continues to write scripts; one of them a television series whose rights have been sold to the Bainet Group.

Tutor and Professor of:
Screenplay and dramaturgy
Professor of:
Film Direction
Usue Alvarez

Usue Álvarez

Acting tutor

Protagonista del largometraje "El radioaficionado"

She was born and raised in Bilbao. She began his theater studies in workshops at different schools in Bilbao at a very young age and over the years she settled in Madrid where she attended some seminars and workshops until enrolling in the Juan Carlos Corazza school, years later she continued his training with Fernando Piernas.

She belongs to the theater group Arte Berria participating in its latest productions such as "Verano de Cristal" and "La tristeza del Caracol" ​Co-writer and protagonist of the short "Nuliparas" nominated at the Malaga film festival, in Medina del Campo , Tarazona and pending to be broadcast in the program "Spanish version".

She has also participated in the short film “Tabas” starring Manolo Zarzo and directed by Richard Sahugún. In the film "Nikolas" by iker Elorrieta pending release, in which she co-stars, she has participated in the temporary film o 70 Binladens directed by "Koldo Serra" and currently the film "El radioaficionado" has just premiered as the protagonist.

On television, she has participated in the series "Bicho Malo" and "Paquita Salas" directed by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo.

xabi agirre

Xabi Agirre

Sound teacher

Senior sound technician, he has worked in film, advertising and television. He has also done technical work in musical productions, and audiovisual post-production and dubbing work in different studios (Irusoin, Mixer, Balea Musika Ideiak, Lamiña Producciones, K2000).

Currently, he combines work for different production companies (film and TV) and audiovisual post-production works or musical productions from his own studio "Abadetxe Sorlekua".

xabi elkorobarrutia

Xabier Elkorobarrutia

Editing teacher

From 1996 to 1999 he studied "Image and Sound" and at the same time he also studied photography.

From 1999 to today he has worked in Television, Documentaries, Advertising and Videoclips as a Camera Operator, Editor or Colorist.

In addition to learning from great colorists like Jordi Molina, he studied to obtain the Official Color Certification in Davinci Resolve with Antonio J Bazalo.

Among the works he has carried out are the following:

Television: Skeptics (EiTB), El Coro de la Carcel (TVE, several seasons), The Calendar of the Year (EiTB, several seasons), Athletic Club Bilbao Channel, La Conspiración (TV Film).

Advertising: Euskadi Turismo, Volvo, Guggeheim Bilbao, McDonalds, Hyundai, Eiser Hirumet, Etxanobe (Michelin Star), Losan, Historical Archive of the Basque Country, Keler, Caja Laboral.

Documentary: The Great Spot, 160 Meters.

Music video: Fuel Fandango, Pablo Almaraz, Tigres Leones, Akatz Band.