The Master's Degree in SFX Characterization is an intensive 1-year academic program of technical specialization in which the student is prepared to face all the challenges and commitments required by the development of special effects makeup of a professional audiovisual project. 

In this way, the student will be invited to learn about every aspect and every task for which a special effects make-up artist is responsible, being able to take on any conversation, any creative process and any practical execution of a project, with all the departments and profiles that make up the Spanish and international film guild


Master's degree


1 October 2024 to 19 June 2025


Enrollment is Open
Until 15 September 2024


From october to june:

From 15:00 to 18:00.

Formation hours

More than 800 teaching hours + joint practices.


  • Small groups.
  • Specialized Masterclass.
  • Own title.
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Target audience

This master's degree has been designed for anyone who wishes to become a professional in characterization makeup and special effects. It is highly recommended to have linguistic virtues, general culture and the ability to both make an effort and work in a group. Any previous training in audiovisual, art history, communication or fine arts will be beneficial for the student. 

Who you'll become

A professional special effects make-up artist qualified and prepared to work on any audiovisual project nationally and internationally. It is important to highlight the significant demand that currently exists in the national film market and the shortage of trained professionals who can respond to this demand. 

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Our way of teaching

Part of the goal is for each student to learn the trade and be prepared to perform any position within the make-up and characterization department in a practical way.

In this way, we can set up a pedagogical machinery that places the understanding of creative processes and their development as the main value.

Applying what has been learned is one of the main values of our way of teaching. These are complex processes that need to be understood over time and will help shape the minds of tomorrow's talent.

Study plan

The Master's Degree is developed in a teaching program of 450 hours developed in a single year.

Enrollment, registration and prices

Request all the information by filling out the contact form, writing us an email, calling us by phone or visiting us in person.

We will send you all the necessary information so that you can register.

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