More than a decade training the artists who make up the industry 

The Basque Country Film School has established itself as an outstanding benchmark both nationally and internationally. Its objective transcends the mere impartation of knowledge, seeking to provide training that goes beyond simple conventional education. Rather than being limited solely to the deontological teaching of cinematographic crafts, our pedagogical program stands as a platform that provides an immersive experience. This experience not only instructs in the technical disciplines of cinema, but also offers a global and artistic vision of cinematography, integrating historical, theoretical and aesthetic aspects.

Rooted in the pillars of academic excellence, our institution is dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in the field of filmmaking. Not only do students gain cutting-edge technical skills, but they also immerse themselves in the critical analysis of classic and contemporary cinematic works. Likewise, the exploration of international cinematographic currents is promoted, with emphasis on those that have left a significant impact on the evolution of cinematographic language.

In this context, the school not only becomes a space for learning, but also a centre for reflection and cinematographic experimentation. Interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged, allowing students to explore the intersection between dramaturgy, cinematography, and other forms of artistic expression. In this way, not only is technical development forged, but also the unique artistic vision of each student is nurtured, preparing them to contribute meaningfully to the national and international film landscape.


The methodology of the ECPV is a value that differentiates it from other schools. 

The combination of this advanced educational approach with the recently implemented academic program places our students among the most outstanding nationally and internationally. This rigorous training system not only provides them with the essential tools to face the challenges of the labor market, but also seeks to transcend conventional boundaries by offering an educational experience that lastingly transforms their perception and appreciation of art.

In order to achieve this goal, we have assembled a faculty made up of active professionals who not only demand the most from each student, but also carry out an exhaustive individualized follow-up, addressing both academic and artistic aspects. This personalized attention allows us to nurture the unique potential of each student, stimulating their growth in both the academic and artistic fields, and contributing to their comprehensive training as creators and professionals of the cinematographic art.

This form of teaching and philosophy has led the ECPV to have among its students people from more than a dozen countries.

Turning the ECPV into a meeting point for creators and artists from all over the world.

All this helps to continue improving and consolidating the ECPV in the belief that we all have a story to tell and that each story offers endless possibilities.