The specialty confronts students with the challenges inherent to the processes of ideation, work methodologies, experimentation and conceptualization, as well as the materialization of film projects. Faced with the fundamental question of how a filmmaker is trained, the Master's Degree in Creation responds by posing another: how to get rid of everything and return to cinema through the specific knowledge provided by empirical work?

The master's degree process begins with the subject "Cinematographic Issues", which establishes the questions as the central axis of the narrative. Based on three stages, the first gives importance to working from the rigor of creative thinking and imagination, the second stage explores the methodologies of creation and the third proposes to advance in the films from their empirical creation.

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Master's degree


2 September 2024 to 27 June 2025


Enrollment is Open
Until 25 August 2024


Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Formation hours

More than 825 teaching hours + External internships


Small groups.

Own degree.


Target audience

Graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts, or other related university-level degrees.

 Students from film schools or artistic disciplines. Students with a Higher Degree in Audiovisual Projects and Shows or equivalent.

Professionals with proven experience in the audiovisual sector.

Who you'll become

Students of the Master's Degree in Cinematography will obtain a global knowledge of the tasks of the rest of the components of a film team – cinematography, art direction, editing, sound design, etc. – from the development of directed practical exercises and short films of their own creation, a practice that will be complemented with theoretical classes and master classes taught by professionals in the sector.

Our way of teaching

El alumnado obtiene durante el master conocimientos de cinco de las principales disciplinas artísticas guion, producción, dirección, montaje y fotografía, con el fin de poder crear su propia experiencia y explorar su faceta más artística.

Enrollment, registration and prices

Request all the information by filling out the contact form, writing us an email, calling us by phone or visiting us in person.

We will send you all the necessary information so that you can register.

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