Do you want to make movies?

We are backed by almost a decade of experience training the best professionals and being one of the fastest growing film schools in all of Spain.

The Basque Country Film School, a non-profit cooperative, is more than just a study center, it is the central axis of the film industry.

This is where the new filmmakers are trained and prepare their projects together with a faculty of almost forty professionals who are an active part of the industry. Our purpose is to help creators find their place in the world of cinema.

For this reason, through a continuously updated study plan, and with the help of the best material and personal means, we offer our students the necessary resources so that they can immerse themselves in the labor market.

In addition to carrying out the School's filming practices, our students participate in external professional filming.

The Basque Country Film School also has around twenty collaborating companies and associations and participates in some of the festivals that are currently taking place in the Basque Country, thus promoting film culture.

We are more than a film school, we are cinema

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Your success
is our pride

To this day, the ECPV boasts an unprecedented victory at the school level since our students had the privilege of being part of one of the greatest successes to date on NETFLIX, in the movie " El Hoyo ".

Students and teachers participated in this film, which has swept the famous platform worldwide, obtaining in some cases positions as team leaders. No state school and very few worldwide have been able to participate in such a global success.

For us it is an honor to train the creatives of the cinema of the future year after year, helping them fulfill their dreams and making it easier for them to participate and strengthen their careers in the productions that are made in the sector.

All this is reflected in the good work and effort we put into offering the best for each student, as well as evidence of the good image, relationship and cooperation of the school within the industry. This undoubtedly affirms the quality of the training provided.

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Film Masterclasses at the ECPV

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Ione Feijoo

Ione Feijoo

Marketing, communication and international development Basque audiovisual

Masterclass projects

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Ainhoa Andraka

Director and producer

Masterclass Directing Documentary Production

Zuri Goikoetxea

Zuri Goikoetxea


Masterclass dirección producción documental

Pau Castejón

Pau Castejón

Director de fotografía

Masterclass dirección de fotografía


REGINA Dia 2 1
Ivan Perez Jueces

It seems to me one of the most interesting training centers in the country. They show you teachers who are working on movies, they let you create your own stories, they encourage teamwork and also creativity. Without a doubt, the best place where I have been able to study.

Regina prod
Regina Prod

We coincided in our filming with the school and the truth is that it was a very positive experience. They helped us with everything we asked for and it was our base of operations. We also had the opportunity to work with students and alumni who proved to be professionals.

Lastwagon Films

Many production companies agree that without the Film School the professionals would not have the level or the quality that they have. My absolute support to the professionals who work and leave the ECPV


I believe that this school follows in the footsteps of the great schools, active and professional teachers, first class material, renovated facilities.

Highly recommended.

Alvaro Fradua

Very good professionals who train you and allow you to grow in the world of cinema. It is very encouraging to know that you are going to learn with active people. 100% recommendable

Ander Mujika
Ander Mujika Zaldibar

I studied photography direction and very well, but above all I appreciate the support you provide after finishing your studies

Aritz Aguirre

I did the summer intensive and I was very comfortable with the people and with what I learned.

Aritz Reyna
Aritz Reyna

Great film professionals, it is a great luxury to work with them and you learn a lot.

Minerva Losada

I learned a lot in the photo workshop. Recommended 100%.